My VBAC Story

November 1, 2022 MummaMay 0

Introduction If you haven’t read my earlier post about my previous birth, I had a planned c section. Long story short, I was polyhydramnios (too […]

Fed is Best?

June 1, 2021 MummaMay 0

There is so much pressure on women/lactating individuals to breast feed their children. We all know the benefits of breast milk. It’s encouraged from our […]

Struggling in Lockdown

March 2, 2021 MummaMay 0

I’ve been really struggling in lockdown as I’m sure have many other parents. Here I discuss a low point of mine, and new coping strategies.


February 2, 2021 MummaMay 0

Dummy, pacifier, binky, the list goes on. Whatever you choose to call them, I have (against my initial plans) found this little piece of plastic […]